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We hope that this will provide you with some general information about the school, whether you are a new family or a returning family. We encourage a continuing line of communication between school and home. Working together, we hope that your child's experiences at
RoystonElementary School will be enjoyable, exciting, and rewarding. If you need further information about the school or its programs, please feel free to contact us at 334-2161.


Welcome Back!

Monday September 22 will be the first day of school for students Grade One to Six. First day hours of attendance are 8:27-11:30. Morning bus pick up is the regular times while going home will start at 11:30.

Students will return to last year's classes. New students will go to Room 10. All unregistered students are to check in at the office.

Kindergarten start on a partial program on Tuesday. A letter went home in August. If you have questions about your kindergarten student please contact Mrs. Wiltshire.

Tuesday will be a regular full day of class.Tentative class lists will be posted early Tuesday morning. Classes which reflect total enrolment are subject to the approval of the district and can be change within the first few weeks.

Please see are bell times at the bottom of this page.


Thursday September 18

Please follow the link to see Superintendent Elwood's letter regarding the possible start of school for Monday September 22.



Kindergarten Parents

A new letter was emailed to Kindergarten parents Friday September 19. If you are the parent of a kindergarten child and have not yet received emails from us please contact the principal at pelka.wiltshire@sd71.bc.ca



Bell Times

Please note our bell times are different than other Comox Valley schools.

Start 8:27

Lunch 11:30-12:15

Dismissal 2:18

 Here is a link for parents from the Ministry of Education





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